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Know your fish oil: 3 common types of fish oils | Fish Oil Blog

Know your fish oil: 3 common types of fish oils

Fish oil is gaining prominence in today’s balanced diet, thanks to the discovery of its many advantages. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil is a good health supplement that supports proper functioning of nerve cells, brain and heart. Daily intake of fish oil can improve memory, enhance cardiovascular functions, treat skin allergies and minimize stress. Fish oil comes in different kinds, based on the fish from which they are extracted and the process through which they are extracted.

Different kinds of fish oil:
There are three different fish oil in the market. Below are the most common of them:

1. Natural Fish Oil: Natural oils of the fish have a low concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.  This means that every dose of 1000 mg of natural fish oil contains 300 mg or less of omega-3 fatty acids. This amount of omega 3 can get you better results. The disadvantage of  natural fish oil is that it maybe contaminated due to contaminated fish. Natural fish oil is a form of triglyceride which is extracted by compression of fish to get oil. This type usually contains small amounts of omega-3 and large amounts of pollutants such as polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, mercury and heavy metals.

2. Cod Liver Fish Oil: Cod liver oil is a mixture of seawater and cod liver and it is made after a  year-long fermentation process.  Cod liver oil contains vitamin D which is necessary for calcium absorption in the small intestine. Calcium helps in the maintenance of healthy bones. Vitamin D prevents rickets, which softens the bones and leads to fracture.  So  consuming cod liver fish oil regularly can provide adequate nutrition for children and support growth. Several people misunderstand that cod liver oil is the same as omega-3 fish oil. But this is not always true. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin A which is in the form of retinol and maybe harmful to health. Excess of vitamin A can lead to bone fractures, arthralgia and alopecia.

3. Salmon Fish Oil: Salmon fish oil are rich in omega fatty acids. Although they are less in oil content than other fish, they are clean and higher in omega-3 like hoki fish. These fish are smaller in size and also a high source of omega fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are the main components of fish oil and high amount of them can mean the oil will be very useful. But the problem with Salmon fish oil is it is high not only on omega-3, but also on contaminants. Since it is high on the food chain, it has higher risk of contamination. Sardines and anchovies, though very low in omega-3, have minimum amount of contaminants. When you are looking for Salmon fish supplements, you need to ensure that they are molecularly distilled.

Although there are several benefits of fish oil from salmon or cod, there is always the danger of metal contamination. This is why pregnant women and young children are advised against eating fish. So know about various types of fish oil supplement you can to take and also consult your doctor on which one you can consume.

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