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-Mood | Fish Oil Blog


Scientist have concluded that the rate of clinical depression, bipolar disorder, and postpartum depression are significantly higher in countries with low fish consumption. The rate is 30% – 50% higher. This conclusion resulted from a study of fish intake in 10 countries.

Omega-3s can affect your mood, even if you are not diagnosed with a mental illness.

106 healthy adults were tested for the level of fatty acid and for mood by a questionnaire. The observations suggest a correlation between people with higher levels of EPA and DHA and with people with lower levels of EPA and DHA. Those with higher EPA and DHA were less likely to report a depressed feeling which suggests that Omega-3s may be protective against depression just as against heart disease. This study was led by Sarah Conklin, PhD, professor of psychology at Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvannia in 2007. Dr. Conklin hypothesizes that because brain cell walls are made up of EPA and DHA, then consumption of more Fish Oils might improve brain cell composition and neurotransmitter function. Clinically depressed people have a dysfundtional neurotransmitter.