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Fortified Foods | Fish Oil Blog

Fortified Foods

Some foods are fortified with Omega-3s. However, it is not known if the same benefit (if any benefit at all) is derived from fortified with Omega-3s.

A food fortified with Omega-3 (ALA) is usually fortified with Canola Oil or Flaxseed. Check the ingredient list. Most foods that claim to be fortified with Omega-3s are typically fortified with ALA. ALA does not provide the same heart-health benefit as EPA and DHA.

A food fortified with Omega-3 (EPA and/or DHA) usually states so some where on it’s label. For instance, some milks are now fortified with 32 millgrams of DHA and so state on the label. However, there are not studies or even firm data to substantiate that the same heart-health benefits is received from fortified foods as from the natural food source.

Therefore, consider the type of Omega-3 that the food is fortified with.

If you are pregnant and taking supplements ro fortified foods, verify that your Fish Oil supplement or food fortification is with fish oil made from the body of the fish and not from the fish liver. Excessive intakes of fish oil supplements made from fish liver oil can harm the fetus.