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Don’t get ripped off: 5 things to look for while buying fish oil supplements | Fish Oil Blog

Don’t get ripped off: 5 things to look for while buying fish oil supplements

Fish oil supplements serve you the best when you use the best. That is to say that only when you buy the best of products, you can expect to be benefited in the best way possible. With everyone clamming for fish oil, there are so many companies marketing brand new fish oil products and supplements. Most of these are not pure fish oils or are not prepared in the way fish oil needs to be manufactured. Often, it is a question of processing or extracting oil from the right kind of fish. Some manufacturers do not adopt the right methods and that can be an issue of concern when you take the oil for a long time. This article will offer you tips on how to choose from the diverse range of fish oil brands available in the market. Reading this will mean you will not be ripped off your money in the name of fish oil.

Buying fish oil supplements: Lets say someone has told you that fish oil is good for health and that it can cure or alleviate your current ailment. You have consulted your doctor and got to know it is so and hence, plan to take a daily dose of fish oil. Now, you are looking for a fish oil supplement that can fit to your requirement and heal your problem. Maybe your doctor recommended a fish oil supplement. But you are not sure whether to buy it and how to use it.

Remember, all fish oil supplements are not the same. Manufacturers produce fish oil in different ways and many of them may not be the way that is good for your health. There maybe several fake fish oil brands in the market too. Some oils may contain all the eight omega-3 fatty acids, some may not. Some brands may contain additional amount of vitamin A and D that are harmful to health. Whatever the case, you need to look for a few things while buying fish oil supplements:

1. Look for omega-3 content:
Find out which brand contains the highest amount of omega-3 content. Also, look for brands that have all the eight omega-3 fatty acids. Your body will benefit from the oil supplement only if all eight acids are available.

2. Find out which fish is used: This is important, but you need to do a little research for this. Find out the extraction process of the brand that sells the oil. Don’t go by commercials, doctor recommendations or special offers. Sometimes oil may be extracted from fish that are not rich in omega-3 or from the other parts of the fish. Only oil extracted from the flesh or tissue of fish like tuna, flounder, salmon, sardines etc. are useful to you. So, check for the type of fish used.

3. Read the labels: Read between the lines in fish oil labels. If there is no mention of the contents inside and the label just says, “fish oil” or “marine lipids” understand that it is a fake oil and not good for your well being. Also, count if the amount of ingredients mentioned adds up to the total amount of fish oil in the sold product. If not, you are missing out on a hidden product.

4. Check for the processing part: Not all fish is good for extracting fish oil and not all parts of a fish contain oil. Processing makes a lot of difference in the making of fish oil. If you don’t want hidden contaminants like vitamins A and D, check out the processing practices of manufacturers before you buy fish oil.

5. Compare between brands: Check out in medical forums. Compare the benefits and contents of one brand with that of another. Consult your physician or friend who takes fish oil. Know the merits and demerits of any brand before you start using them for a long term.

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