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Skin care with fish: 6 ways in which fish oil can make your skin glow | Fish Oil Blog

Skin care with fish: 6 ways in which fish oil can make your skin glow

Fish oil, as you know, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which regulates the body’s cellular function and improves blood circulation. Omega-3 fats in fish oil also maintain the elasticity and suppleness of our skin by limiting the damage caused by UV radiations. In a way, fish oil can guide you in maintaining a healthy skin that is free from toxin damage or unwanted skin deposits. Your skin, on regular application of fish oil, is soft, young and wrinkle-free for years.

Fish oil for skin care: Not many know that fish oil is very useful when it comes to skin care. Even skin care specialists wonder at the effectiveness of fish oil in several critical, damage-causing issues of skin. Below are a few uses of fish oil in skin care:

1. As anti-aging agent: When we get older, the production of collagen (the nutrient that is responsible for gluing the skin together) reduces in our body.  Limited or low secretion of collagen causes sagged and wrinkled skin. A saggy skin is the first sign of old age and people detest it when their skin is wrinkled prematurely. To avoid such sagging or wrinkling of skin, you can use fish oil. Fish oil contains omega-3 acids which acts as an anti-aging supplement by enhancing the production of collagen. When more collagen is secreted, the skin is clearer and wrinkle-free.

2. As acne-killer: Sebum is primarily responsible for the appearance of acne. Omega-3 fats inhibit the production of androgens, generates sebum, thus prevents acne. Though sebum is essential for skin nourishment, excessive secretion of sebum can risk one with anything from acne to depression. So, the action of fish oil is good for the skin.

3. Treats Eczema and Psoriasis: The best way get relieved from skin problems like acne, eczema, boils, cellulitis and psoriasis, is to have a dose of DHA omega 3 fish oil skin supplements.  High blood levels can also be treated by omega 3 fatty acids. These diseases are caused because of UV radiation, which penetrate the skin and cause skin damage. So consuming fish oil supplements will supply you with the necessary nutrients to fight skin cancer and other skin disorders/inflammation.

4. Heals skin inflammation:
Fish oil rich in omega-3 supplements treats skin inflammation diseases. The inflammation from omega 3 fatty acids reduces chronic inflammatory ailments we suffer.  With adequate supply of omega 3s in your daily diet, you can reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases, non-insulin dependent diabetes, inflammatory diseases, asthma, and various kinds of skin disorders.

5. Reduces dryness, maintains skin elasticity: Natural ingredients in omega 3 acids help boost collagen levels in the skin. Healthy levels of collagen in your body promotes skin elasticity. With great skin elasticity, wrinkles hardly develop on the skin. Omega 3 boosts hydration and keeps skin moist, resulting in smooth, supple skin.

6. Reduces eye wrinkles: Eye wrinkles are a problem for self-conscious women. Fish oil contains EPA which prevents wrinkles and delays skin aging. Modern skin care specialists advise methods such as dermabrasion or laser to remove wrinkles and make blood circulation better.  This method of treatment has several demerits. So, it is better to opt for the easier method – fish oil. However, consult your doctor before you start with your regular dose of fish oil supplements.

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