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10 common ailments that can be treated with fish oil | Fish Oil Blog

10 common ailments that can be treated with fish oil

Many are not aware of the fact that fish oil can be used to treat even common ailments. Omega 3 fats in fish oil can reduce stress caused by day-to-day common conditions like common cold, flu, headaches, skin allergies and a lot more. This article will detail more on the ailments that can be treated with fish oil.

Fish oil for common ailments:
You get common cold or fever only when your immune system is weakened or not strong enough to fight against the ailment. Less amount of omega 3 fats in the body can cause nerve and vision problems to children. Its deficiency can cause many harmful symptoms such as poor memory, extreme tiredness, depression, mood swings etc. On the whole, lack of omega 3 can set off a series of common ailments.

Some of the possible ailments that can be cured/treated or alleviated with fish oil include the following:

1.Gingivitis or gum infection
2. Pain in the legs due to blood flow
3. Headaches or migraines
4. Common cold
5. Common flu
6. Muscle soreness
7. Pain in the chest
8. Ulcers, especially stomach ulcers
9. Allergic reactions
10. Lack of appetite in people with cancer

Apart from these, fish oil can also treat diabetes, allergies, hypertension, arthritis, gout, osteoporosis, heart ailments, stress, depression, bipolar disorder etc.

Why fish oil or omega 3?
It is an oft-repeated tale, yet the fact remains the same. Omega 3 is one of the most essential fatty acids that you can supply your body with. It is rich in DHA and EPA which are essential for brain growth. Fish oil supplements are generally made from mackerel, herring, tuna, halibut, salmon, cod liver, blubber or seal.

Omega 3 acids are nourishing supplements that accelerate brain development, enhance blood circulation, balance the cardiovascular system, endocrine system and hormonal systems. When there is a lack of omega 3 in the body, you may display signs of infection, disease or common conditions like cold, flu or headache. Returning to your normal, happy and healthy self is easy if you supply your body with essential omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish oil supplements are useful in other ways also. They aid in the digestive process. They also create appetite in people who have loss of appetite on account of other diseases. Since fish oil supplements help in digestion, they speed up the metabolism of the body, encouraging  production of energy that eliminates toxins from the body.

Dosage: For a healthy adult, around 500 mg of DHA is recommended daily while a healthy child needs 250 mg of DHA to compensate the deficiency of DHA in the body. Based on the amount of DHA that is present in the supplement you plan to take, you can calculate the desired dosage of fish oil for yourself and your family.

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