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Heath encapsulated: Enteric coated fish oil capsules | Fish Oil Blog

Heath encapsulated: Enteric coated fish oil capsules

Enteric-coated fish oil capsules are a dietary supplement that are rich in natural nutrients called omega-3 fatty acids. An enteric coated capsule will be able to pass through the stomach without being broken down. It dissolves only in the intestine. It releases nutrients into the intestine where they are not dissolved by stomach acid. A layer protects the nutrients from the stomach acid and prevents it from not being released into the stomach. Some nutrients like Sam-e, resveratrol and curcumin are sensitive to stomach acid. Such nutrients can be completely absorbed by the intestine.

What is an Enteric coating? An enteric coating is a type of coating that prevents digestion of pills in the stomach and every fish oil capsule does not have this coating. Some nutritionists say that the enteric coating is not absolutely necessary. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) of fatty acids in fish oil supplements are enteric coated.

Benefits of enteric coating: Fish oil capsules that are enteric coated offer several health benefits. The foremost of them is the easy and ready absorption into the body, without any adverse reactions. These nutrients can reduce inflammation in the body and provide various potential health benefits. These fish oil capsules minimize risk of cancer, particularly prostate and breast cancers  due to action of EPA and DHA. Even the brain can benefit from fatty acids – fish oil capsules can reduce memory loss, can accelerate the process of recovery from depression, prevent bipolar disorder and other problems related to mental health.

Fish oil capsules can sometimes cause side effects like “fishy burps”, or a fishy odor and an unpleasant after taste. However, this has nothing to do with the presence or absence of any enteric coating on the capsule. The cause of a fishy odor and after taste is because of  poor quality of fish oils. If fish oil expires, it goes “rancid” and lends a fishy smell that indicates a loss in its health effectiveness.

The enteric coating on a pill is useful in preventing stomach acid from having any adverse effects in the absorption of nutrients. Also, these pills are not “fishy” in smell and never have a belching taste in your mouth. Absorbed by the intestine, enteric coated fish oil capsules are the best kind of fish oil supplements available in the market. Though the FDA continues to investigate about the merits and demerits of enteric coated fish oil, scientific evidence supports the claims of  manufacturers of fish oil’s health benefits.

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