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When loud is not so loud: Fish oil for hearing impairment | Fish Oil Blog

When loud is not so loud: Fish oil for hearing impairment

What do you do when something that is loud to normal ears is not so loud to you or a loved one? Whether its loud noises that appear daunting or failure to hear even the loudest of noises, you can be certain that the person who fits into both the scenarios has hearing impairment. Treatment for hearing impairment should be done with care, after analysis of the hearing levels of the affected individual. This article will explore the possibilities of treating hearing impairment with natural and available  medication.

Hearing loss – Signs and symptoms: Hearing impairment can mean lack of the sense of hearing. It indicates loss of the ability to listen and communicate well to others. Sometimes hearing loss can also be due to physical reasons like accidents, but repeated defective signaling of the brain can cause hearing loss. Your ability to communicate can also weaken depending on your ability to hear. Though hearing and communication are not directly proportional, one cannot happen well without the other. Also, loss of hearing can make yourself socially or interpersonally crippled, marring your life outside your health and home.

  • A few symptoms of of hearing loss include:
  • Less clarity in hearing.
  • Constant ear pain, itching, irritation
  • Difficulty in communicating to others
  • Repeated requests to others to convey things in a slow and loud manner
  • Listening to music or watching movies at higher than usual volume
  • Pus or fluid leakage from ears due to injury or infection

Hearing loss – Causes: Hearing loss can be a result of a gradual construction of earwax, which blocks the ear canal and prevents the cord of sound waves. Wax is a main cause of hearing loss in people among all ages. Another kind of loss occurs when the inner ear is damaged. Aging and prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause nerve cell weakness and cochlea, which can result in communication of weak audio signals to the brain. When these hair cells intervene, the audio signals are not transmitted effectively and that leads to hearing loss.

Fish oil for hearing loss:
Fish oil supplements with omega 3 fatty acids are said to improve the sense of hearing. Rich in DHA and EPA, fish oil supplements are necessary for good health and also, the proper functioning of the brain. Omega 3s are essential for brain development and growth of the neurological system. With omega 3s, you get the richest and most vital source of  essential fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) which are necessary for good health.

The omega-3 essentials fatty acids and fish oil supplements contain energy to boost your immune system, to prevent your from conditions that may accompany hearing loss. Since fish oil is an anti-inflammatory agent, it prevents swelling in the outer and inner ear and avoids hearing impairment that way. The omega-3 fats also stimulate the brain to prevent stagnation or deterioration of certain areas of the brain that controls hearing and the receipt and processing of sound. In brief, fish oil supplements are a great boon to those who suffer from hearing impairment.

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