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The way to a sound mind: 3 mental health benefits of fish oil | Fish Oil Blog

The way to a sound mind: 3 mental health benefits of fish oil

Life, in this modern world, is fast-paced. People’s lifestyles have changed to a tremendous extent that even a balanced meal is out of question in many of our lives.  We hardly care about dietary supplements unless and until disaster strikes in the name of health problems or chronic ailments.  Dietitians today prescribe natural and healthy supplements that can compensate for our lack of balanced meals, unhealthy food habits and busy schedules. Many researchers and scientists opine that fish oil, when included in our diet, can protect and prevent us from several diseases.

Fish oils – The way to mental health: Though we have read it all over, it is good to repeat it again – fish oil is indeed a great plus to your diet. Fish oil supplements can reduce several diseases, treat your chronic ailments and even alleviate your pain, symptoms and disorders. Fish oil, like  many other natural nutrients, benefits you in any form, taken as fish or fish oil capsules. What makes difference is the amount of omega-3 fatty acids present in the fish oil supplement you take. Below are a gist of the benefits of fish oils:

1. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism, Bipolar disorders: ADHD affects 3-7 percent of children worldwide. Children with ADHD find it hard to concentrate on studies and perform tasks like other normal children. They cannot accomplish tasks that involve concentration and focus. This makes them a misfit in schools and a butt of ridicule for other kids. This often leads to frustration, anger and inappropriate behavior. But recent research has found fish oil as an antidote for ADHD symptoms. Though not a complete cure, ADHD children may benefit more by including omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. Fish oil supplements are a convenient and controllable supply of omega 3 fats and DHA. Fish oil, rich in DHA, EPA and other omega-3 fats, can help ADHD children overcome their symptoms. It is also said to have a remarkable effect on children with autism and patients with bipolar disorders.

2. Mood swings: Yes, fish oil and mood swings are interconnected. Surprising, but true. Fish oil is vital for people with postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, depression, violent mood swings, unnatural or erratic behavior. Research has revealed that clinical depression is 30 to 50% higher in countries where there is low fish consumption. Omega-3 fatty acids can affect your mood even if you are not affected by depression. This is because omega-3 in fish oil increases the levels of happy hormones and balances your mood in the appropriate way. Fish oil is known to stimulate the mind and improve your mental abilities.

3. Brain health: It is a less known fact that the human brain is made of 60% of fat, most of which is made with DHA. Though the body takes saturated fats for the development of the brain, nothing works as well as the DHA present in fish oil. This is especially useful for babies and kids as they are the ones who need the utmost nutrients for brain development. Added to this, omega-3 in fish oil sharpens a child’s intellectual abilities and perception power.

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