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The antidote to sickness: 7 well-known health benefits of fish oil | Fish Oil Blog

The antidote to sickness: 7 well-known health benefits of fish oil

Fish oil. Fish oil. Fish oil. Looks like all the hype about fish oil is a bit too much. Those who have read this site may have a feeling that fish oil is something to be adulated as “precious”. But wait. If you are a thinking individual, you may look at the other side too. You may think that all the health benefits of fish oil is just hype. Yes, you maybe right. Maybe what is minuscule is exaggerated in the case of fish oil. But, what is not known is the fact that fish oil is really beneficial in many ways than most supplements prevalent in the market. The most advantageous part of the whole thing is, fish oil is a natural nutrient that can be sourced from oily fish. The chemical supplements prevalent in the market do not have this advantage. Flaxseed oil is made from the flax plant, but that again, lacks in EPA and DHA content. In brief, fish oil can be termed as an antidote to sickness.

Health benefits of fish oil: Fish oil capsules are useful in reducing the triglyceride levels in our body. These fish oil capsules come in small quantities that provide protection against coronary heart disease to people. Consumers know that fish oil capsules can help increase the potency of omega 3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and  docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which are not available in fish oil supplements.  Natural fish oil may contain all the eight types of omega-3 fatty acids, along with omega-6 and omega-9 acids.

1. No pain. No inflammation: We know that fish oil capsules  reduce the level of inflammation in blood vessels which are associated with heart disease and impaired blood vessel function. High levels of CRP protein in the blood are more associated with inflammation in heart disease. Some researchers advise that consumption of omega-3 fatty acids would reduce  CRP in people with heart disease.

2. Stay fit. Lose fat with fish oil: There are millions of obese people today who want to  reduce fat content in their body without any physical workout. Recent studies have revealed that  fish oil  can help in weight reduction. This is because omega-3 fatty acids increase your body’s metabolism and help you shred the extra fat deposited in our body.

3. Relief from Arthritis: Arthritic patients can get relief by taking omega 3 oil supplements in fish. It can reduce swelling and tenderness in joints and provide relief from morning stiffness.

4. Anti-tumor agent: Prostate cancer is a fatal hazard for men. Scientific studies have shown that men who consume fish or use fish oil supplement can reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer. In men with prostrate cancer, fish oil annihilates tumor growth and prolongs life.

5. Controls blood clotting:
Some blood clotting is essential for life, but an excessive tendency towards clotting increases the risk of blocked arteries. It can be fatal when a clot completely closes a blood vessel in the heart, lungs or brain. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish or marine plants reduce platelet aggregation, improve blood circulation, and make production of red blood cells flexible so that they pass through small blood vessels more easily. Omega-3 does not present a serious risk for blood clotting, unless you eat large quantities of them, say about 10 grams per day or if you already take blood thinners anticoagulants.

6. Enhances immunity:
It is believed that regular consumption of fish oil supplements increases the immunity to withstand the impact of common diseases such as cold, cough and flu. Omega 3 fatty acids benefits the immune system, cytokines and eicosanoids influence in our body. With the potential to improve the human immune system, fish oil treats patients with lupus disease (a disease that attacks the body immune system and various organs and tissues).

7. Improves fertility:
Preliminary research carried out with fish oil says that fish oil supplements improve potency in men, as well as increase their sperm quality.

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