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Pour Femme: 11 benefits of fish oil in pregnant, menopausal women | Fish Oil Blog

Pour Femme: 11 benefits of fish oil in pregnant, menopausal women

Women can benefit a lot from fish oil. Apart from the usual health benefits like regulation of cardiovascular functions, enhancement of brain health, mood benefits, alleviation of symptoms etc., women also get to enjoy added benefits – treatment of premenstrual syndrome, fetus growth and increased chances of pregnancy. Yes! Fish oil take you out of your blues and make you bright, hale and healthy.

Fish oil for women:
Fish oil extracted from salmon, albacore tuna, lake trout, sardines, herring, halibut and mackerel are good for women. Fish oil supplements contain both healthy acids such as EPA  and DHA which give them stamina to fight against common and regular ailments. Some of the major benefits are:

1. Protection from breast cancer: Breast cancer can mar the entire life of a woman, resulting in loss of beauty and breasts. Research has shown that women with a good supply of fatty acids from fish oil have less chances of getting breast cancer. DHA is a natural anti-inflammatory that prevents cell transformation and kills cells that are the root cause of breast cancer.

2. Improved fertility: Reseach reveals that intake of fish oil supplements in regular diet would increase the rate of fertility. Fish oil supplements added in daily diet would balance hormones, improve hormonal levels and maintain a steady blood flow to the uterus. Omega-3 fats can increase the chances of pregnancy too.

3. Fetus growth: Fatty acids from fish oil reduce the risk of pre-term delivery. This ensures that the stages of pregnancy are fully formed parts of body and ensures that the fetus weighs well before birth.

4. Baby’s brain development:
The brain of a child is vital for its proper functioning. Omega-3 and DHA found in fish oil supplements enhance brain development and thereby, the intelligence of a child.

5. Healthy babies: Fish oil should be a part of a healthy pregnancy diet  as it helps in blood circulation and effective placental exchange of nutrients and oxygen between the mother and child.

6. Free from postpartum depression: Women with high intake of fish oil have low risk of postpartum depression. This is a good news for the mother and the baby.

7. Relief from menstrual cramps: The unpleasant symptoms of premenstruation are often the result of imbalance of fatty acids. Omega 3 fish oil  relieves pain and cramps caused by ammenorrhea and dysmenorrhea.

8. Prevention from Preeclampsia: Blood pressure during pregnancy, known as pre-eclampsia, can be very dangerous. Omega 3 fish oil fatty acids help maintain blood pressure and significantly reduce health risks to mother and child.

9. Protection against osteoporosis:
Having high levels of fatty acids from fish oil has been shown to reduce risk of osteoporosis.

10. Minimal menopause problems: By dramatically improving hormonal balance, fatty acids in fish oil can significantly reduce symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and mood swings.

11. Reduced risk of heart disease: Heart disease kills several women ahead of time than any other disease. Omega 3 fats with EPA and DPA is the best way to fight this scenario. Fish oil lowers triglycerides, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, paving way for a fulfilled and healthy life.

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