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Is your child not-normal? Try fish oil, the ADHD cure | Fish Oil Blog

Is your child not-normal? Try fish oil, the ADHD cure

ADHD. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a plague that haunts the minds of parents more than children. Strange, but true. Parents with ADHD children suffer the most as they need to find the slings and arrows of life and the society around them. ADHD is becoming a common ailment these days.

What is ADHD? That is a question every parent has to answer. Most of the parents become panicky the moment they find their children acting strange. It maybe hyperactivity or abnormal behavior, the symptoms are not always the same for every other child. ADHD simply means a set of conditions where the person or child affected is not able to focus, control impulsive behavior or stop being hyperactive. Sometimes it can be Attention Deficit also, meaning the child can show lack of attention/concentration and acute learning disability. ADHD can be present right from birth or can develop shortly after birth or in the process of child growth.

Symptoms of ADHD: A child with ADHD can cause a lot of trouble – he can be a ‘nobody’ or can be an hyperactive, impulsive, intense human being in his environment. Most of the Attention Deficit people have problems with concentrating on instructions, studies, memory loss, distraction-prone etc. Whereas, those with hyperactive tendencies may act impulsively at every given situation. The child’s unruly behavior will become a nuisance and cause for worry to parents. Mostly, children of the school-going age are affected by ADHD and boys seem to outdo girls when it comes to this attention deficit/hyperactive condition.

Treatment for ADHD: The cause for ADHD is still unclear though some attribute it to lack of brain development or deficiency in omega-3 acids. Since the disorder is a result of the changes in neurotransmitters, ADHD is still a mystery puzzle for researchers. However, evidences show that ADHD can be genetically passed on from one generation to another. Environmental hazards, unhealthy behavior and practices (like smoking) during pregnancy can also lead to stunted brain development in the baby and hence, ADHD in the child. Causes vary. But none of them has been confirmed by studies. Treatment for ADHD usually involves the administration of two drugs – Ritalin and Concerta, stimulants which stimulate the neurotransmitters in the brain. Many clinics offer therapies to help the child and the family cope up with the symptoms and overcome them.

Fish oil for ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be treated with fish oil. A recent research conducted in South Australia has proved that omega-3 fish oil when used with omega-6 oil can cure ADHD and alleviate the symptoms to a great extent. In a study involving about 132 children, it was revealed that children who took fish oil supplements with multi-vitamin minerals showed improvements in their symptoms. Doctors who practice integrative medication always indulge in administration of fish oil for children with this disorder. The reasons for this treatment are many. One is, levels of omega-3 in children with ADHD are lower compared to those without the disorder. When the red blood cells and plasma gets a boost of omega-3, they act like stimulants and make ADHD children function properly.

Why fish oil for ADHD? There are relatively no side effects, whatsoever. Ritalin and other traditional drugs come with a load of side effects like insomnia, stunted growth, loss of appetite, changes in personality, heart damage etc. But fish oil does not bring any of these. Taken with multivitamin supplements, fish oil can do wonders to ADHD children. However, fish oil dosage and administration should be discussed thoroughly with your doctor before practice.

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