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Fish oil for children: 7 reasons why fish oil is crucial for child growth | Fish Oil Blog

Fish oil for children: 7 reasons why fish oil is crucial for child growth

As adults, we know what our body needs. We can get the adequate nutrition required for our body from the solid food that we take. But that is not the case with our children. Kids need high levels of nutrition to keep up the proper functioning of their body. Fish oil is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids which are important part for our healthy diet. Adults may take fish oil supplements often to reduce the triglycerides in their blood and gain other health benefits, like increase in good cholesterol levels. But this is not the case with kids. Only parents need to give the essential nutrition for children.

Fish oil for children: Many children today are deprived of the essential nutrients that is found in fish oil. The benefits of fish oil supplements for children are below:

1. Improves concentration and memory: The use of fish oil improves concentration in children.  Fish oil is a boon to children who suffer from memory problems. The omega-3 acids in fish oil reduces the risk of short-term memory loss and also, controls hyperactivity in children.

2. Improves learning ability: Fish oil helps children cope with the demands of learning. Several studies have revealed that fish oil supplements can help children meet the challenges in learning new things.

3. Enhances brain health: The human brain is composed of about 60% fat. Most of it is DHA omega-3 which is available in abundance in fish oil.  Fish oil for children is important because it develops brain health and the power of concentration. Though other saturated fats provide the necessary nutrients for the brain cells, polyunsaturated fats like DHA have a greater role to play.

4. Reduces ADHD symptoms: Omega 3 reduces the risk of ADHD. Children with attention deficit disorders can face difficulty focusing on anything. Children with ADHD are often prescribed medications such as Ritalin which have adverse effects on their health. The best way out is to add fish oil supplements to your child’s daily diet, calm their ADHD symptoms and live a healthy life.

5. Reduces dyslexia and dyspraxia: Dyslexia is a disorder that affects a child’s intellectual capabilities. A learning disability, it substantially limits the ability of a child to read, write and speak properly. Dyslexic children are unable to spell words correctly in written text. The good news is that this learning disability can be treated with fish oil supplements. Research has shown that consuming fish oil with their daily diet can improve their literacy skills.

6. Treats children with autism: Autism is a disorder that affects the social and psychological development of children. Children with autism often have the extreme difficulty of developing normal relationships with others. They tend not to share the interests with others. Often these children are unable to interpret non-verbal signals to communicate their facial expressions. Most people with autism have impairments of language and may never speak at all. Thus, fish oil supplements would help children to overcome from autism by providing omega 3.

7. Reduces risk of Schizophrenia: Fish oil supplements  contain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which reduce risk of schizophrenia in children. Children have underlying dysfunction in the metabolism of fatty acids which may substantially reduce the risk of psychosis or schizophrenia.

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