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Fish for health: 5 reasons why fish oils can make you feel better | Fish Oil Blog

Fish for health: 5 reasons why fish oils can make you feel better

Fish oils, as you know, are oils produced from the fatty tissues of fish from the sea or rivers. Since fish oils have omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DPA), they are considered healthy as food supplements for the body. Owing to all these inbuilt contents, fish oils offer several benefits to consumers like lowering of cholesterol levels, improving arthritic conditions, reducing inflammation, rickets, development and proper functioning of brain, eyes, minimization of heart ailments, risks caused due to critical and chronic conditions like diabetes etc. Fish oils are also good for breastfeeding mothers as they are good in fatty acids which help in the growth of the baby.

How can fish oils make you feel better? Reasons are health-related. Fish oils are feel-good oils that can energize and enhance the natural and healthy processes in your body. Unlike processed foods or commercial nutritional supplements, fish oils make you function in a better way, without ailments or complaints. Thanks to the media attention regarding the benefits of fish oils, there is so much of interest in the study of fish oils and their health benefits. Many have shifted from a junk-food, 24/7 irregular work routine and food habit to a saner, balanced and healthy food and personal lifestyle. Fish oils can help cultivate a more balanced food culture as they contain nutritional omega-3 fatty acids. Below are a few things that can reason out why fish oils make you feel better:

1. Fish oils control cholesterol levels: Fish oils and cholesterol are indirectly connected. Due to the action on triglycerides, fish oils can monitor, check and control your cholesterol levels. They can also help increase your good cholesterol and keep a check on the bad cholesterol, thereby safeguarding you from heart ailments.

2. Fish oils help you lose weight: If  we are looking for an easy way to lose weight, consuming fish oil and undergoing regular exercise regimes would just do. This is one of the most important benefits of fish oils. You lose your body weight probably because fish oil improves blood circulation and that makes your muscles work more efficiently during exercise.

3. Fish oils control blood sugar levels: When insulin is not produced properly in the body, glucose levels in the blood increase, while the cells suffer from lack of glucose. This leads to all the symptoms of diabetes like fatigue, lack of immunity and a lot of related ailments. Fish oils help diabetics by accelerating the insulin absorption process in the body.

4. Fish oils improve heart health: Although there can be no direct link between fish and cholesterol, it is a well known fact that fish oils reduce triglycerides. The American Heart Association agrees that by consuming fish oil supplements, one can not just reduce the triglycerides but also improve the overall heart health condition.

5. Fish oils improve blood circulation: With improved blood circulation, your body would start to work more efficiently. This would lead to good physical and mental health. Enhanced blood circulation can also mean an energetic self with less pain or physical ailments. Blood circulation can also prevent blockades in the heart vessels, preventing atherosclerosis, angina problems, heart attacks, congestive heart failures, arrhythmia, strokes and peripheral vascular diseases. Fish oils maintain the elasticity of artery walls, prevent blood clots, blood pressure and stabilize heart rhythms and more.

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