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Fight your zits, glow right now: Fish oils in acne treatment | Fish Oil Blog

Fight your zits, glow right now: Fish oils in acne treatment

Fish oils have a variety of uses and the human body can benefit greatly from their medicinal and nutritional values. But not many know that fish oils can actually fight acne. Yes! You can fight your zits by taking fish oils as the latter can control irritation and inflammation caused by excessive bacterial activity on the skin. This is because fish oils have adequate amount of fatty acids that can help set right skin problems, especially acne and other conditions caused by hormonal disturbances.

How is acne caused? Acne is caused by several factors of which the most apparent is when excessive sebum blocks the skin pores, resulting in skin inflammation. This, in turn, leads to formation of acne, whiteheads, black heads and a lot of other conditions on the epidermis. Many also attribute acne as a result of hormonal disturbances in the body. The androgenic hormones trigger increased production of sebum in the glands that lead to irritation, inflammation, pustules, whiteheads, cysts and blackheads in the skin. Sometimes, acne can be a genetic condition also.

Chinese and some oriental medicinal practices opine that acne is a symptom of toxins in the blood.  Another theory says that acne should be seen as a digestive problem and could be a result of bad food habits or chronic chemical exposure. Whatever the rationale behind acne, zits make one look  unattractive and almost all of us want to be acne-free. Always.

Fish oils in acne treatment: Fish oils are generally known as effective neurotransmission regulators that can treat many ailments like heart diseases, anxiety, depression, ADHD, skin problems, eye disorders and other chronic conditions like diabetes etc. Fish oils contain inflammation-suppressing compounds such as eicosapentanoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and omega 3 fatty acids. Including them in your daily diet can amount to a lot of nutrition. This is because, these substances regulate production of excessive sebum in the hair follicles throughout the body and in that way, prevent acne from emerging out of the epidermal layers. However, you need to be careful with the use of fish oils. Not all fish oils cure acne or treat it in the right way. Only fish oils taken from the tissues of fish are useful. Others, like the ones taken from fish liver are not healthy as they contain a lot of Vitamin A. A healthy alternative to taking fish or fish oil directly is to go for fish oil supplements.

How to choose fish oil for acne treatment? As mentioned above, only fish oils that are extracted from tissues ought to be used for acne. If you use the ones from liver, like the cod liver oil, you maybe subjecting yourself to excessive amounts of vitamin A and that can result in dangerous effects in the body. For acne treatment, the oil extracted from the following fish types will be useful – lake trout, mackerel, tuna, flounder, salmon and flounder.

Dosage: If you want to regulate your sebum production, eating 1 serving of any oily fish twice a week would be sufficient. If oil-rich fish is not to your liking, you can take fish oils available in capsules form. Better if you consult your dermatologist and take fish oils along with other prescription medications. If you are allergic to fish, you can try flax seed oil. This oil has ALA, a fatty acid which is converted into DHA and EPA in the body. Generally, you can take up to 800 to 1000 mg of fatty acids for acne treatment. However, you need to supplement them with healthy vitamin and mineral supplements to help the body to break down the DHA and EPA into prostaglandins and prevent formation of inflammation due to excessive sebum production.

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