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Cheer up, kitty: 5 utmost benefits of using fish oil for dogs and cats | Fish Oil Blog

Cheer up, kitty: 5 utmost benefits of using fish oil for dogs and cats

Pets have become an important part of our families these days. We cannot take it if they are unwell or suffer and if we try to give them the healthiest and most nutritious food. But the problem with today’s pet food is, not many of them have the essential oils required by pets. Most of the dog and cat food are commercial products that have been processed and contaminated. This makes your pet vulnerable to several diseases and infection and eventually an unhealthy atmosphere at your home. Recent research has revealed that fish oil contains the essential oils that are critical for pet welfare. This article will discuss on how fish oil can supply nutrition to dogs and cats.

Fish oil for dogs and cats: Omega-3 fatty acids are important not just for the functioning of the human body, but for pets too. Fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, reduces heart disease, improves brain health, mental well-being, lowers cholesterol levels and provides extremely effective treatment for arthritis, diabetes, muscular ailments etc. Fish oil is said to improve the immune response of pets, cognitive behavior and also prevents cancer.

Benefits of fish oil supplements to pets: Fish oil supplements are rich in omega-3 fats DHA and EPA. These oils support heart, vision and joint health, provide essential nutrients for proper immune system and nourishment for skin and coat.

1. Prevents your pets from cancer: Cancer is a major cause of death among dogs and cats. Omega 3 fatty acids for dogs and cats reduce risk of cancer and help shrink tumors. So, these supplements can be used as veterinary medicine.

2. Protects the skin: Omega 3 when used for dogs, is also exceptionally good at healing dry hair, irritated skin, itchiness, redness, swelling, hair loss associated with dry, raw, hairless patches.  Fish oil also enhances your pet’s coat and makes it look hale and healthy.

3. Reduces pain caused by arthritis: We can find lots of older dogs limping due to arthritis. When fed with these supplements, the wounds can heal in a matter of weeks. So by taking quality supplements, your pets can gain good health. Many fish oils provide various benefits because they contain omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which is not found in other supplements.

4. Reduces ventricular arrhythmias: Arrhythmias is abnormal, rapid heart rhythms originating from the lower chambers of the heart to create high blood pressure that can be reduced in dogs by these fish oil supplements.

5. Reduces Malassezia: The fish oil supplements which contain Omega-3 can benefit your pets by slowing the growth of malassezia. Malassezia is infection caused by yeast  especially on the skin and ears in both dogs and cats.  So several doctors suggest fish oil supplements that can prevent your pets from allergies to inhaled substances such as pollens and molds.

A daily supplement of fish oil for dogs and cats can really help improve their health, apart from giving them longer life and prevention from common diseases as they grow old.

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