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Breathe in/out without panic: How to prevent asthma with fish oil | Fish Oil Blog

Breathe in/out without panic: How to prevent asthma with fish oil

Asthma is a respiratory disorder usually characterized by wheezing. The person who suffers from asthma experiences chest tightness that causes shortness of breath and wheezing. Asthma patients are often reluctant to visit cold places or indulge in activities that involve heavy dust, because they know that there is a danger of aggravating the asthma symptoms. This is because asthma is known to have genetic or environmental causes.

How is asthma caused? Asthma is a breathing disorder that affects millions every year. It is generally linked to two conditions: 1. the contraction of the muscles around the small bronchi and 2. the inflammation or the thinning of these tubes. Asthmatic condition is characterized by difficulty in breathing, which is otherwise called wheezing. Asthma patients have a tough time breathing in and out. Their breath is labored and heavy, making life a hell for them.

Fish oil for asthma: Fish oil supplements with omega 3 are very beneficial for patients with asthma because of omega 3’s anti-inflammatory properties. Omega 3 reduces inflammatory chemicals which cause asthma attacks and thereby, keeps a check on frequent attacks. Fish oil supplements are the best choice for protein, nutrients and essential fatty acids. If you want to add fish oil supplements to your diet, you can eat fish rich in omega 3 acids. Some of these fish include, anchovy, orange roughy, salmon, mackerel, sardines, mullet, rainbow trout, white tuna etc.

How to prevent asthma attacks?
Asthma is a cause for worry in many people. With asthma attacks increasing every day, it is better to adopt to a preventive approach to asthma. People who suffer from asthma and breathing problems can reduce the risks of fatality by consuming fish oil supplements daily. Fish oil makes you stay healthy and active. However, fish oil can also evoke some allergic reactions in many. In order to avoid it, please consult your doctor on the dosage and regularity of consumption.

Benefits of fish oil supplements for asthma: Fish oil is a great remedy for asthma patients suffering from wheezing. This is because, omega 3 in the oil activates and sets right a few things that is not functioning properly in the body. For instance, fish oil can improve/set off the following changes in the body:

  • Enhances lung functions where exercise induced asthma is diagnosed
  • Reduces the amount of bronchodilator medication as it dilates the bronchi naturally
  • Reduces inflammation in the patient’s sputum

If exercise is a cause for asthma attacks, you can minimize it by taking fish oil. Fish oil will not just help you keep your body fit, but also alleviate harmful toxins. Two essential fats in omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil – docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) prevent and reduce asthma attacks to a phenomenal extent. Taking them regularly can make you foolproof against asthma.

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