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The other side of the coin: Fish oil capsules can be harmful too | Fish Oil Blog

The other side of the coin: Fish oil capsules can be harmful too

After all the positive discussions about fish oils and fish oil supplements, you maybe liable to think that fish oil supplements will be free from side effects. Never. No product is free from side effects. Even fish oil has its own negative side effects. Especially, the fish oil produced by manufacturers and large scale corporations. It is better to know both the sides of the coin than to  stay stuck with one side. Just as one man’s sugar is called another man’s poison, fish oil supplements rich in oil may be dreadful to us in some way or the other. This article explores the ill-effects people have gone through after using fish oil.

Side effects of fish oil: One of the major side effects of fish oil is diarrhea. This is mostly an indicator of the gelatin and other trace elements used during the manufacture of capsules. Several people are allergic to fish oil taken in the form of fish. Most the allergic conditioning is to gelation and other trace elements present in the fish used. So several people fear to take fish oil supplements because of several possible side effects. Below are a few of them:

Fish oil can

  • Upset gastrointestinal tracts
  • Severe diarrhea (with heavy doses)
  • Gastrointestinal problems – blurping, acid reflux, heartburns, indigestion etc.
  • Result in abdominal pain and abdominal bloating
  • Suppreses anioxidatnatal tenderness in the body
  • Increase calories, body weight
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Swelling of the nasal passages
  • Cause critical drop in blood sugar levels
  • Worsen bad cholesterol (LDL) in women
  • Result in familial adenomatous polyposis
  • Lead to bipolar disorder
  • Increase the level of toxins like vitamins A & D

In order to avoid negative side effects of fish oil capsules, you need to take careful steps:

1.  Select capsules of manufacturers that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
2.  Buy capsules which contain high amount of DHA
3.  Choose a brand that uses molecular epidemiology of distillation to produce capsules.
4.  Recheck the labels to know if the fish oil is free from toxic metals and any other contaminants
5.  Check for allergic reactions. Some people are allergic to shellfish and hence, may also be allergic to fish oil.
6.  Beware of wrong dosage: Although intake of  fish oil supplements provides several health benefits to the body, improper or a wrong dosage can also have harmful effects like nosebleeds, blood in urine, bruising and weight gain. Never give fish oil capsules to children without consultation from your doctor. Sometimes you may also experience few symptoms due to high dosage. So, beware of the supplements that you take!

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