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4 major side effects of fish oil and how to prevent them | Fish Oil Blog

4 major side effects of fish oil and how to prevent them

Fish oil is known to offer extraordinary benefits for anyone who takes it on a daily basis due to its omega-3 content. Omega-3 is very beneficial to people suffering from heart ailments, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, bipolar disorder, cancer, skin allergies and mental health problems. Though benefits abound, any natural food constituent cannot be without side effects. Fish oil has its own set of side effects and you should be careful to avoid them as much as possible. This article will detail on the most common side effects of fish oil and how to avoid them.

Fish oil side effects: Fish oil does not cause any major side effects. The side effects are minimal and without incurring harm to the body as a whole. Most of the side effects of fish oil are temporary and can be overcome if you are a little careful.

1.  Stomach discomfort, indigestion and vomiting:
These are some of the most common of the lot. These occur in people who take fish oil capsules on an empty stomach, without taking food. Fish oil supplements work well only when taken after eating or during the course of the meal. Taking them on an empty stomach can lead to stomach upset, indigestion and vomiting. You can resolve this by mixing fish oil supplements with food. Another way is to freeze the capsules and ensure that they are digested in the intestine and not in the stomach.

2. Bleeding:
Large dosage of fish oil can result in the risk of bleeding. Yes, fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids have blood thinning properties that can causing intestinal bleeding in people, especially those  sensitive to anticoagulants. Though there is no research to show that fish oil should not be taken with aspirin or warfarin, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before taking omega-3 fish oil supplements.

3. Excess vitamins can be harmful: Fish oil does not come only with omega-3 fatty acids. Sometimes manufacturers include contaminants like vitamins A, C and E. Excess of vitamins A, C and E can be harmful for the body and hence cause ill-effects on you. Though USDA has not recommended any particular dosage for omega-3 fatty acids, it is suggested that you can take about one to four capsules a day. Unless you have a medical problem, fish oil capsules do not cause harm in any way.

4. Heavy metal poisoning: Fish oil should be extracted from fish that is healthy and free of heavy metal poisoning. The major concern of fish oil is the presence of heavy metal contaminants like Dioxins and PCBs (especially Mercury PCBs).

Several seas around the world have been heavily polluted due to industrial waste dumping and other undesirable substances. Therefore, fish caught in these regions are found to have dangerously high levels of mercury. Mercury poisoning can be very dangerous to young children and pregnant women. This is why it is important to find fish oil that is manufactured in the right way and extracted from healthy fish.

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