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How to reduce your stretch marks with fish oil

How to reduce your stretch marks with fish oil

Stretch marks are an ugly sight. They are inevitable if you have had a delivery or have experienced rapid weight loss. Several men and women face the unpleasantness of having stretch marks in their body. Whatever the reason maybe, stretch marks are not a style statement and hence cannot be left as such. Measures and therapies need to be taken to wipe them off your skin. People who are self-conscious or are inclined toward maintaining personal beauty cannot bear such stretch marks over their body. Fish oil is said to offer relief from stretch marks and reduce them completely. This article will discuss on the possibilities of doing the same with fish oil.

What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are also known as “striae” and “atrophic” and they tear the dermis of skin. Stretch marks are thin red lines that normally occur in the belly, breasts, thighs and at bottom. In pregnancy, stretch marks can also occur as a result of  imbalance of hormones on the structure of the skin.   If your stretch marks were caused by hormonal imbalance, then the level of damage on your skin is not so serious. If stretch marks are due to loss of weight or delivery, it is better to take efforts to minimize them. As fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially eicosapentanoic acid, it is one of the best ways to reduce stretch marks.

Fish oil and stretch marks: Fish oil, as you know, is the oil that is extracted from fish that is rich in oil content. Though oil taken from the liver of fish is also good, nothing works as effectively as pure fish oil taken from the tissues/flesh of fish. But why fish oil for skin? What is the connection between fish oil and stretch marks? How can the complete wiping of stretch marks happen? Why does fish oil remove your stretch marks? Have you ever wondered this? Fish oil is emotionally very beneficial too. In general, fish oil is rich in vitamin E and hence can give a fast healing to your skin. Continuous nourishment of vitamin E helps heal the skin faster and without allergy hiccups.

Fish oil

  • Penetrates all layers of your skin, cleans the pores and nourishes it with vitamin E
  • Reduces muscle soreness, swelling and other muscle-related ailments
  • Is anti-inflammatory, prevents chemical or auto-immune reaction on your skin
  • Heals scars, burns, scratches etc. on the skin
  • Enhances skin growth, reduces skin irritation and scarring

Fish oil is one of the healthiest natural oils for skin care with several benefits for preventing and reducing stretch marks. When it comes to stretch marks the best would be preventive treatment. But before using fish oil, you need to find out if your skin is suitable for it. A skin patch test would work well. Test your skin with a small drop of fish oil and see if you are allergic to it. Wait for at least 5-6 hours to find out if there is any reaction on your skin. Although fish oil are hypoallergenic, not everyone’s skin is the same.  So it is better to do a skin test under the supervision of your physician.

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